Brendan S. (@war_pic)



Internationalist journalist, researcher, and organizer from so-called California.

Founder of The Renegade and former admin of war_pic (2014-2021)


Here to use my privilege as a stateless Celt to reinforce the international front. Committed to empathy, human rights, and self-determination, therefore committed to revolution.


Fuck your hegemonic structures.

Talar A. (@talarsewsstuff)

Writer and researcher


Armenian costume designer, writer, YouTuber, and activist from Los Angeles. I run

Talar Sews Stuff on YT.

Anthony Tsantes 

Writer and researcher

gifgit (3).png

Student of Politics and History, focused on civil conflicts.
Writer researcher and most importantly broke American-Ikarian from Athens.

Discourse is the past, present,

and future.
Human welfare or bust.


Writer and researcher


Born and raised in Rojhalat

(Eastern Kurdistan).

Civil engineering student in Australia.

Founder of @kurdistanipeople on IG, activist, writer, and researcher. 


The key to the Kurdish nation’s survival, freedom, and independence is knowledge and awareness. I am here to share my experiences with the world and help everyone to learn more about Kurds and Kurdistan. The more we know about ourselves, the closer we get to reaching our dreams.


Fuck racism, fuck fascism.

Freedom for Kurds and all other oppressed nations.

Writer and researcher


Colombian peace journalist in a world of war.

I like to write on conflict, corruption, politics, and environmental protection.

Studying data science.

Jake W. (@yakutumbism)

Writer and researcher


Independent conflict researcher. Peace and Conflict Studies major. Area of focus is the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the conflict that affects the country. Fuck Rwandan imperialism.