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An Afghan Boy Far From Home

Edited by Brendan S.

Me in Iraq.

My name is Muhammad. I am a Hazara from Afghanistan, living in Iran. I am usually a carpenter, when I am not fighting.

At the age of 18, I became interested in fighting. It was the only way out. I found my way to the Iraqi Army. I fought against ISIS and made many friends.

I remember vividly when I killed the first ISIS fighter.

I felt very guilty because he was also a human being, and this issue bothered me for months. This made me not fight for a while, and I had an internal revolution. I was fighting with myself, like a civil war.

The day passed and I returned to the front, and at that time ISIS was gaining more power. The Iraqi Army was in a state of severe instability. My unit was transferred to the city of Mosul, where I experienced the most intense conflict possible. In one day, 300 soldiers of the Iraqi Army were killed, and I suffered a great blow for the second time.

I went home to rest, and I changed my behavior. I had social issues immediately, I could not even communicate with my family. I went to several courses of psychotherapy and returned to normal with the help of my friends and family.

I returned to Mosul, and the worst thing in my life happened there. I killed a father and his child by mistake, and I lost my soul.

I decided not to take up arms from then on, and help people in other ways. I tried to become a member of Hashd al-Shaabi (Popular Mobilization Units) but gave up. I got acquainted with the Kurds, and now I am trying to help them in any way I can.

This year, just last June and July, I was fighting for my life. Not from a bullet or an explosion, but from the virus. The doctor told me that my body was going to fail. I was convinced that I was going to die. But I defied what the doctor told me, because I am still here today, 100% virus-free.

I will soon go to Rojava and fight for humanity.

I am Muhammad H. Just an Afghan boy far from home.

Edit: Muhammad sadly passed away on the morning of February 27, 2021 following a battle with cancer. (See announcement)


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