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An Internationalism Between Hegemons

By The Renegade

Office of a commune in Rojava, 2023. (Photo: The Renegade)

A challenging few months for internationalism and global struggles for autonomy from Artsakh to Palestine to Kurdistan. Yet the international front is every struggle for autonomy, every network of immortal gardens, and thus it is in a constant condition of inconvenience.

The state wants nothing less than for all struggles to be perceived as disconnected, isolated and disjointed, as though the bones of humanity are removed from its body and thrust into a bloody pool where everyone and everything is a monolith of flesh and bone, with a blank face and a blank character devoid of life’s plurality.

Beware of how you are perpetuating state legitimacy by selectively choosing the community most convenient for you. Beware of how your selective love is dehumanizing.

In this chaotic tide of information warfare you have immersed yourself so deeply in, look to the sky before you drown comrade. Feel the life around you, notice the air you breathe.

Qamishlo martyrs cemetery during the Oct. 11 ceremony for the 29 Internal Security Forces martyred in Turkish airstrikes on Oct. 8 and 9. (Photo: The Renegade)

As the child grows old, when does such a tragic social fissure slit the veins of inter-communality and divide it piece by piece, atom by atom so much that the child no longer sees its own soul in another human across another set of colonial borders? Do my kin stop at these borders? Do my kin plant their feet so deeply in the borders of my mind that the struggle of the child across the border is not also my own?

And what is the internet as a medium in this process? A simple tool or a catalyst? The globalized framework of neoliberalism is growing yet killing itself at the same time, creating an international consciousness unseen in any era. The 21st century phenotype of the youth on the phone does not have to be such a dystopian picture after all. The same picture has been found in every resistance of the era, from al-Tahrir Square to Plaza de la Dignidad. Autonomous communication lays at the core of an internationalist network. When one chooses to break all borders here, one can.

Am I just politicizing pixels, or am I feeling the life on the other side of the screen, that comrade which also breathes and has a beating heart circulating blood across its body just like me? What can I catalyze on this plane whereby only a screen separates me and millions of comrades? Do I feel a pressing urge to cheer for the community closest to me like it’s a team, a banner, whereas all else is suspended on the periphery, indefinitely distant? What is the value I assign to inter-communality, and from this, internationalism?

I feel you on the other side of this screen comrade, and I want you to feel the warmth of every heart under the sky, as deep as these damned pixels can bear human expression. What do you feel? What is the meaning you are assigning to communication in your subconscious?

Individualism leaks into the realization of humanity and society as though one is pissing into an abyss. Sun shines, piss pools and creates a mirror from the void. Once it is there, the scene does not dissipate in an internationalizing mind. One can either reflect in the face of the human or run away in the face of the abyss back into familiarity. A wise guy once said: “If you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.” When the abyss gazes back as you stare into your own piss, what will you do?

Martyrs. Rojava 2023. (Photo: The Renegade)

The meaning of life we know and defend on this international front is tested everyday, and in this struggle we can only lift each other to the stars. Struggle with yourself and your comrades to know yourselves in the deepest sense, and to know yourselves as part of a humanity with no borders. Not just politically, but socially and psychologically. Before every cop in our head is a border it is attempting to securitize. Notice every synapse that lulls you into dogmatism, identify the sources of its stimuli, and every cop that slips through into your conscience from the systems they derive from. What are you imposing onto others because of these cops and borders you so subconsciously secure in yourself, comrade?

Challenge yourself and those around you to act as a network of immortal gardens and not as a tower of sullen chambers. From this we must know our standing as internationalists in society. Bring back the realization of martyrs in every corner their presence is no longer felt. Love as deep as the core of the earth we stand on. One must become an internationalism that weaves between the hegemons. A river of metaphysics defending itself across every border, every state, and every hegemon.


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