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Our Standing In the Post-Electoral Landscape

By The Renegade

Between a fascist autocracy and a fascist coalition, who actually wins? Electoralism and a republican system that has been exported across the world to structurally colonize every population of the Global South. Power concentrating into the hands of a small collective of men crafted by the alliance of oligarchy and military. 375 years since the Treaty of Westphalia codified the nation-state’s monopoly on violence, for what? Popular engagement converging on a perpetual cycle of electoral gambling, executive gaming, resulting in what?

Autocracy is coming to a governing chamber near you, and probably already has. Do not make the mistake of considering the Turkish state an anomaly. As autocratizing state governance becomes deeply entrenched in UN normalization, states will continue to concentrate further and further until their eventual collapse, erosion, or replacement.

Capital and state have a symbiotic relationship, sharing a continuity of concentration that does not cease without the structures themselves ceasing. We are now suspended in this late stage of both capital and state power, where both begin to lose their legitimacy at a rapid pace, fracturing in repeated phases of crisis. An undead specter manifested from the lowest depths of human interaction, enforced by a handful of power structures that militarize their monopoly on violence and externalize it onto vulnerable communities. Yet, even in this landscape, light radiates across the international front.

Here we find real democracy growing in the cracks of a breaking state. At the cusp of fracture new life begins in the rebirth of internationalism. So it is time to ask yourself: where are you now? What surrounds you? How do you act and how will you act? The youth tomorrow bear an immense responsibility that began yesterday. Be ready to defend autonomy at any moment. Be ready to let democracy bloom from its stem.

We are ready.


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